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Literally, what a tough, disappointing break for the 49ers yesterday. In a tale of 2 halves, the 49ers were scratching and clawing their way back into a game that seemed at half time, completely out of reach, trailing 35-10. But they didn’t give up, they cut the lead to 38-24 with enough time left in the 4th and knocking on the Chiefs door, when the worst thing that could have happened to this young 49er team, happened.

Their franchise QB and leader, Jimmy G, went down with a knee injury when he was scrambling for yardage and trying to make a play. It was a play that didn’t involve a hit but more so a cut on an attempt to carve out a few more yards on a positive run. I’m not going to question his decision because I know as a player, the competitive spirit and juices that go through us, makes us want to do whatever we can for our team  was there a better, maybe smarter, decision? Probably, but that being said, you can’t take away the heart of the player. We, as players, never expect injury to happen in a non contact situation  we preparer our bodies and minds to take on the worst possible situations and consequences without fear.

How could this have been prevented? It’s amazing how a game plays out and one decision, one call, changes the outcome. Prior to this nightmare play for the 49er faithful, there were 2 scenarios within 3 plays that could have changed this entire outcome.

1. Matt Breida breaks off a great 1st down gaining run after an option pitch from Kyle Juszczyk And runs out of bounds at the 4 yard line with only one defender to beat. I give Matt a negative on this run, there’s a DB in front of him that he could cut back on or take on to potentially score or take the ball to the 2, which then leads to a different mindset of play calls. 

2. On 1st down from the 4, in a passing formation, Right Tackle Mike McGlinchey false starts but it’s not called or blown dead by the official. The play continues and leads to a Garoppolo sack and offensive holding penalty, which is declined. The 49ers should have had 1st and goal from the 9 instead of 2nd and goal from the 14. Again, this call creates a different thought of play calls and potentially, different outcomes. 

That being said, we can’t change the past and unfortunately the future of this 2018 49er season is about to go in an entirely new direction. With the injury to CB Richard Sherman, the already struggling defensive backfield just got worse. This young team reminds us of the difficult start and 1st half of the 201$ season. Poor tackling, lack of discipline, 147 Yards in penalties makes us wonder what will happen next. Only time will tell but the feeling is not good as of right now. 

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