Quick Tips – The Most Popular Activities on FanCom
How Do Team HUBS Work?
FanCom organizes discussion by each team, rather than by individual players. Each HUB is where players and fans of each respective team amalgamate to discuss and debate the team’s hottest topics. Who should start? Who should sit? Who should go? Watch this video to learn how to get the best out of FanCom.
How To Customize Our Home Page With Your News
The most powerful tool ever introduced to online sports media. Our front page is now YOUR front page. Populate it with posts by specific players, members and threads that are customized and important to you! This is especially true when surfing FanCom on the fly from your smartphone and you don’t have time to hop from HUB to HUB to find out what’s new. Discussion efficiency at its finest!
How To Post, Reply To And Share Messages
Messages posted in our discussion forums are the engine that drive FanCom. Replying to and sharing those messages is what brings them to life. Watch this video to learn all about it.
How To Rate Members and Check Your Ranking
FanCom is the cleanest football community in the world because of our powerful army of member moderators. To maintain our troll, spam and profanity free environment, all we need you to do is rate fellow members to help our algorithms appoint super user moderators ... one of them might even be you!
How & Why To Update Your Profile
More than just an avatar, your FanCom profile is important because it is the best way to connect with players, other fans and even generate networking opportunities. All it takes is 5 minutes to update it … and we reward you with points towards your ranking!
How To Send & Receive Private Messages
Did you know that FanCom has a private messaging system? Learn how to use this powerful tool that provides personal and private communication with fans and players.
Updating Photos and Link Library
FanCom provides users with powerful information beyond the post. The Link Library and Photos sections, not available on any other fan site, provide a great way to keep track of pictures and links to important team information. Use them and contribute to them.
Discover Our Great Players In The Players Roster and Broadcast Centre
Contributing players on FanCom are champions with great experience and success. We know that fans like to engage in discussion about other teams, so here is how to discover all of our great players and the smart things they have to say.