FanCom is the first platform that directly connects fans with players to create the biggest Football social media sports media site on the planet. The advantages of FanCom for 96 former NFL players that decide to join us (32 Teams X 3 players) are as follows:

  • For the first time ever:
    • Players will have ownership of a Football sports media platform.
    • Players will share income of a Football sports media platform.
    • All without having to invest $1.
  • FanCom was specifically built to connect an exclusive group of NFL players with millions of fans in a moderated, civilized environment.
  • FanCom provides players with an ability to maintain and grow their fan base for many years beyond their NFL careers.
  • Putting an end to time and energy invested in “social media” platforms that use them without sharing any of the financial rewards
  • Proven technology and moderating model that eliminates profanity, trolling, bullying and nonsense plaguing social media.
  • Creating a clean Football sports media platform for millions of fans that we can all be proud of.
  • Creating a clean Football sports media platform that advertisers will support

The relevance and profile of participating players will rise faster and higher than any current medium. We expect many of our players to experience a “John Madden” effect long term.