Six Rules of Use
Participation on FANCOM.FANS, which includes, but is not limited to, discussion forums, the private messaging system, blogs and any other electronic medium used for communication with others on FANCOM.FANS, is a privilege and not a right. As such, all the aforementioned communication features are governed by the FANCOM.FANS 6 Rules of Use. Though we have used a lighter side in getting our point across below, contravention of any of the following, on any of the aforementioned mediums, will lead to suspension and possibly automatic termination of your FANCOM.FANS membership: To ensure your continued participation on FANCOM.FANS, please follow these 6 simple rules.

1. PROFANITY - Swearing or use of foul language is strictly prohibited… in any language (We have 42 interpreters on staff to keep an eye on those International members). For the record, ##$!#&% or any combination thereof is considered profanity.

2. DEROGATORY COMMENTS TOWARDS OTHERS - Calling another member an idiot, clown, stupid, dumb, or ##x%x# is strictly prohibited…even if they really believe Romo is coming back.

3. OFF-TOPIC OR IRRELEVANT COMMENTS - Yep, nobody can believe what Donald Trump said today, why CNN needed 8 people on to analyze it, or the Kardashians keep getting renewed. However, the main forums are no place to discuss politics, celebrity gossip or the stock market Please use the Off-Topic Forums.

4. SPAMMING OR CLAIMS OF INSIDER INFORMATION - Enough said… unless your cousin really does need $100 to unlock a $10,000,000 inheritance.

5. TROLLING - (Def) a troll is a person who sows discord, disrupts conversation and upsets people by posting inflammatory messages with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, often for the troll's amusement. Yep, don’t do that. We have your IP address.

6. Caps lock and use of !!!!!!! - NOTHING AND WE MEAN NOTHING IS MORE AGGRAVATING AND ANNOYING THAN READING A POST THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, IT DOESN’T BECOME ANYMORE NOTICEABLE WHEN YOU TYPE IT IN CAPS!!!!! IN FACT, MOST PEOPLE TEND TO IGNORE THESE KINDS OF POSTS!!!!... Exceptions will be made for those deserted on a deserted island (with a great internet connection) and sending out a distress signal, or any Buffalo Bills fan.

We trust the gist of our point has been made. Be good to your fellow members, respect their opinions and understand there will be different levels of expertise posting on these boards. Otherwise, kiss our privacy statement goodbye as we hand out your address and phone number to everyone you upset… Just Kidding .. kinda.