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A win is a win is a win and nothing comes easy in the NFL, as we see every weekend with upsets and melt downs. The 49ers got a win in their home opener, coming about 8 weeks sooner than when they got their first win in 2017, over the struggling Lions, but there are many concerns moving forward. 

The 49er defense got dismantled in the passing game with Stafford continuously finding matchup opportunities vs the 49ers 2nd year CB Weatherspoon, which led to his 4th quarter benching. His replacement is not necessarily an upgrade. With Richard Sherman holding down the fort on the other side and QBs continuously going away from him, it may be time to adjust your defensive scheme to give a little help on the other side of the ball. Don’t be stubborn as a DC because if it’s not working, you better search for an answer. Not every player fits your scheme and that’s where adjustments have to be made. 

Mom the offensive side of the ball, there’s great promise in much of the youth but from a QB standpoint, Jimmy G needs to mature quickly and learn that perfection is what we strive for but may never attain and learn to live for another down. What I mean is this, you can’t afford to take coverage sacks in the RZ. That kills your chances to put TD’s on the board. If it’s not there, scramble, if you can’t scramble, throw the ball away. Too many unnecessary hits will amount to eventual injury or wear and tear on your body. He had opportunities to get rid of the ball but didn’t. He can learn from this but his learning curve has to speed up. 

The other thing is that teams will play Man to Man with an 8 Man box until a receiver shows that he can shake free from the coverage. Defenses are scared right now of the 49er route runners and they’re locking them down. That was part of the problem with the sacks is that vs man coverage, nobody was breaking free but a QB needs to also understand who his best matchup is and give that player a chance. 

On to next week and the highly potent KC offense with the young Mahomes breaking all kinds of records in the first 2 weeks of the NFL season. It’s going to be loud in Arrowhead, all aspects of the 49ers game needs to step up. 

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