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No disrespect to John Elway who rightfully is a legend in Denver, but the player personnel paradigm absolutely must change.  Adding Gary Kubiak just basically adds another set of eyes-ears and, while hopefully a different perspective, is still staying within the same evaluation culture. No matter the great draft ideas, unless the evaluation mindset and culture changes, it could be moot.

Sound harsh?  I subscribe to the old adage -- your record is who you are -- meaning results supercede rhetoric.  Fact:

  • 23 Elway Era 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft picks.
  • 1 Pro Bowler - ironically the first pick every taken by 7, i.e. Von Miller.
  • Some decent contributors in early rounds (jury is still out on some who could take it to next level) and some unsuccessful decisions (moving up for Cody Latimer when Jarvis Landry was taken with your original pick just after Allen Robinson). 

My point is early-round picks must generate impact and/or elite players in order to be competitive.  (Look how the Saints did a "180" - 3 Pro Bowlers all at skill positions, and 6-7 starters of their 7 top picks the last 2 years.)  Thus, with no more Peyton Manning as a magnet for discounted UFAs (Calais Campbell wouldn't take a hometown discount), it is imperative that the Broncos hit a home run in the draft to ensure a return to greatness.

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