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VIDEO: Fancom Hacked??? >> Byron Chamberlain Calls For Cowboys To Win NFC East! Where Are Eagles & Redskins At?

Nov 26, 2018 01:19PM

Fancom may have been hacked ... because someone looking like Byron Chamberlain just posted a video calling for the Cowboys to win the NFC East!

This comes just a few days after laughing at me on the phone about my Thanksgiving prediction. hmmmm.

My thoughts are as follows:

1.  I'm not feeling as sure as Byron just yet.  We're in tough with the Saints, so one week with a loss and either Redskin / Eagles win will change the psyche pretty fast in the NFC East. 

2.  If that happens, DEC 9 Eagles @ Cowboys becomes a showdown of epic proportions.

Conclusion .... I'm less bullish than Byron on the Cowboys winning the NFC East ... now I know Fancom must have been hacked! 


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