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The most valuable sports team in the world and winner of 5 Super Bowls.

Hey, Byron. I actually have one right here :-)

You're a sport .... but to be fair, I didn't think the Cowboys would win either.  I'm the eternal Cowboys optimist but how could anyone objectively make a case for beating the Saints?  My heart was with the Cowboys, my head with the Saints.

You really think they run the table?  Man, that is tough to do in the NFL (not that I have to tell you).  They're current streak of 4 + 4 more would finish them with 8 straight.

Yeah, definitely possible ... but the Eagles will be a heck of a fight.  Despite having a miserable season, they now have a shot at first place - and against their mortal enemy.  That has to be a psychological boost, no?

Would love to hear you tell us what the Eagles are thinking from a player's perspective.


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