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Franchise quarterback? Two games left on the season for the Bucs and I as a fan have a certain interest in seeing what we do in those two games. The Bucs have a lot of work to do for next season and it starts with the scouting of their current roster. One of the most important position….no the most important position still up for debate. The Bucs QB Winston still has a lot to prove, after 4 years in the league after being drafted number 1 overall by the Bucs. The kid as talent that is not the argument, the it factor to win you games and has he done enough to earn that big time franchise QB money. Has he won the big games, is there consistency on his game and do you see him winning it all with the team. Those are some hard questions to answer because the kid is definitely talented but he has not played to level of what is expected of a QB drafted number 1 overall. Whatever the decision is, I hope they plan accordingly and have a backup plan in case he is not our QB of the future.
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