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The NFL and the international market. As a casual fan I enjoy the NFL and everything it has to offer, it provides tremendous entertainment value. It’s one if not the most viewed sport in the USA. This sport crosses all boundaries such as race, religion and the literal international boundary not to be confused with border. Ok I digress, the NFL is very popular indeed and it seems that the powers that be feel like they can go even further. Several teams have played internationally, most commonly across the pond in the UK and our southern neighbors in Mexico City. As a fan of the NFL and the game itself I actually think this could work, more teams, more games more entertainment. That alone will be very enticing for a lot of reasons for the NFL to try and pursue a piece of the international market, the TV revenue alone should be all the reason they need. So is the world ready for the NFL, are we ready to truly have a real world champion? I say yes, the Super Bowl is a grand spectacle and the winner is crowned world champion. Now can you imagine if there were actual teams in other countries that compete in the regular season and playoffs? Then the winner could truly be called world champion. That to me sounds great, so go forth NFL execs and conquer the world…figuratively. Lol
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