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The D-Jackson experiment might be done in Tampa. The Bucs took a chance on Desean and it was a good decision, looking back on the signing the idea was solid. The Bucs needed weapons to help Winston and the offense be more explosive. The stats sheet say it is an average return on the investment because they did not get the best out of Jackson on his two years with the team. This coupled with the quarter back situation has mixed results, the younger Winston was not able to connect with Jackson on the deep ball. The veteran Fitzpatrick was able to deliver on the promise of explosive plays from the speedy wide out. So the current season in all but done for the Bucs and Desean is in IR with a thumb injury and now with the talks swirling around the NFL that the Head Coach might be toast, leaves me with the ominous premonition that he will be traded in the offseason. Fair to say it was fun while it lasted but it didn’t last very long.
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